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      Net World Directory: Who won the democratic primary in Texas?

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Who won the democratic primary in Texas?

Who won the democratic primary in Texas?
Hillary Clinton camp and the main media says Hillary Clinton won the state of Texas. Let's see what's the truth. Hillary Clinton has won the democratic primary ballot in Texas but Barack Obama has won the democratic caucus in the state of Texas. No one would argue that both of these methods are democratically accepted methods for selecting presidential candidates. The very first primary election in the nation, which very often sets the trend for the whole nation, is done in the caucus form. Different states perform this right in different ways some states do it through regular voting process and many states does it through the process of caucuses. No one should claim one method is more democratic than the other.

In the state of Texas there are a total of 228 delegates at stake. Two thirds of these delegates (126) are allotted through primary electoral process and one third of the delegates (67) are allotted through primary caucuses. So how do we consider who is the winner in the state. It's dishonest to say that one who has won more delegates through electoral votes is the winner. If that is the case who should be considered the winner in Iowa where there was no electoral process. It's equally dishonest to suggest the person who won the primary caucus is the winner. There is only one way of determining who is the winner. The person who has won the most delegates is the winner in the primary.

Hillary Clinton won the primary electoral votes by a thin margin of 4%. Clinton won a total of 1,459,814 where as Obama won a total of 1,358,785 a difference of a bout 10,000 votes of 2.7 million voters. I don't have the full results of the Texas primary caucus but news organizations have projected Obama as the winner. The last information that I have is with 41% of the caucuses counted Obama has acquired 56% of the votes and Clinton has acquired 44% of the caucuses.

Clinton won 65 delegates and Obama won 61 in the primary voting process. Because the lead in vote was only 10,000 Clinton got only 4 delegates out of process. However because of the big lead for Obama in the caucus process Obama got 9 delegates more than Clinton. Obama got 38 delegates and Clinton got only 29 delegates. After the whole election is over in Texas Obama walked away with 5 more delegates than Clinton.

So who is the winner in Texas? Who are we to say that the person who won more votes in ballot is the winner and who are we to say that the person who got more votes in the caucuses is the winner. Isn't it better to say that the person gained more delegates in the state is the winner?

Posted by: Brian


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