Scarlett Johansson Leading The Way For Cutting Down CO2 Emissions

Scarlett Johansson Leading The Way For Cutting Down CO2 Emissions

There are many famous people that you know of who are trying to set the example and lead the way for others; one such person is Scarlett Johansson. Continue reading if you would like to read more how this brave actress plans to stand up to global climate changes.

Who Cares For CO2?

There are many celebrities which take care of our climate. One such celebrity is Scarlett Johansson. This fearless young woman is leading the way for everyone and taking this cause to heart. She is passionate for cutting down CO2 emissions and mobile recycling. If you would like to learn more about why all of this is important to her and why it should be important to you as well, you can find out below.

Cancun Climate Change Summit

At Cancun climate change summit, Scarlett Johansson joined by Helena Christensen, and Bill Nighy supported eco-friendly living and even sent an open letter to global ambassadors for Oxfam. We bring you the letter they have sent.


What Does Scarlett Have To Say?

Scarlett Johansson in this way made clear that her attitude against climate change. She also believes that climate change remains one of the greatest threats human kind will face in years to come unless we so something about it. Even though some changes have been made, the young and aspiring actress, stresses out that we should be the makers of history by making changes that will affect the future in which our descendants will live. The destructiveness which can be caused by climate changes can affect the entire world and create serious consequences such as floods, fires, storms and droughts.

Using Your Public Image To Make Things Right

Also, Scarlett Johansson is one of many actors who try to use their public image to help the world to become a better place. The screen siren believes that cutting down CO2 emission is crucial in this process, but so is the preservation of wildlife and of course environmental care. The least you can do is support this and many other environmental actions which will make this world the place we would want to live in. Thanks to many celebrities who are passionate about environmental causes we can say that people’s attitudes are slowly changing and we can expect better days to come.

The Lean Green Eco-Friendly Machine

The Lean Green Eco-Friendly Machine

People who live green also take care of their bodies and do sports. And since recently people who do sports are also passionate about making the environment safe by leading the way for eco-friendly living. The NFL teams which have embraced this practice should be a beacon of light for all of us to follow.

San Francisco 49ers

In the recent years, many National Football League players have embraced healthy living, such as San Francisco 49ers, who have decided to set an example for all of us to follow truly. Not only that they are green in their free time, but they have also managed to make their course green. Namely, their Stadium is the first stadium to include a living roof. A living roof is a roof which is covered in green and flowering plants and put on the top of a building to reduce the building energy use and provide environmental benefits of natural insulation.

Other NLF Clubs

Since the 49ers have started making a difference, even 32 NFL clubs have started their journey on formal-green energy programs. Some of the NFL clubs which are leading the way for change are the New York Jets and Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, New England Patriots and Seattle. The Levi’s Stadium of the 49ers has shown the way for all of these NFL clubs and inspired them to start living green.

Levi’s Stadium

Changes Still To Come

Many people believe that the NFL still has a long way to go to make a difference. However, this is an amazing start. Since all of these clubs are supporting this idea, it is only a question of time when the NFL set standards will also change and make it obligatory for all stadiums to look like the Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco. We have 49ers to thank for this. Many things still have to change, such as carbon offsetting measures, charging stations made for e-vehicles, which will make up for emissions to travel to games, but we expect these things to change in the future to come.